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Is he really infertile? - 20/08/2022 - 15/10/2022
20/08/2022 to 15/10/2022
5.5 Educational activity
7.5 Performance review
Sexual health (SEXH)
Obstetrics and Gynaecology (O&G)
Investigations (Ix)
History taking (Hx)
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Is he really infertile? - 20/08/2022 - 15/10/2022

The course will provide essential and advanced learning in male infertility and its management, focussing on its prevalence and causes. Conventional semen parameters will be discussed in context with the World Health Organisation guidelines (WHO), 6th edition to explain the changes in reporting and interpreting. Standard and new prospective treatment strategies in assisted reproductive technologies will be presented.

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Pre activity hours:
Post activity hours:
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Case study hours:
Pre activity
Online pre-activity multiple choice quiz.
Post activity
Clinical case response activity, with model feedback provided. Online post-activity multiple choice quiz with immediate feedback.
Learning objective

By the end of this activity participants will be able to:

  1. Identify clinically significant semen analysis results in general practice according to the current World Health Organisation classification
  2. Evaluate male patients’ preconception health and fertility using conventional and novel diagnostic methodologies
  3. Implement treatment strategies for male infertility patients based on clinical characteristics and semen parameters
  4. Critique the clinical management strategies available for males’ presenting infertility
  5. Refer male patients to assisted reproductive services when indicated
Assessment info
Participants will undergo interactive learning activities throughout the eLearning section of the course participating in quizzes, self reflection activities and reinforcing activities.

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Healthy Male (Andrology Australia)
Dr Filippe Oliveira
61 13 00303878
Level 2
Suite 202
492 St Kilda Road
VIC, 3004