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Basics Of Radiology - Module 1 - Physics And Optics
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Basics Of Radiology - Module 1 - Physics And Optics

This is the first course in a series on the principles of radiology.

It is not possible to teach all the patterns of radiology.

The aim of the series is to teach some simple radiological principles and to show how they can be used to reach a diagnosis by a process of logic.

The series will take you through the basics of how an X-ray or CT image is produced and how to interpret the images.

This module covers - 1. Physics and optics

Do not skip this because a general understanding of how the machines work will give a better understanding of why you can (or can't) see a particular structure on an X-ray which are commonly requested

Physics and Optics

The Basics

- Exposure
- How X-Rays are produced
- Over and under-exposure

Physical Factors

- Radiographic densities
- Application of density
- Tissue Thickness
- Identifying an air bronchogram
- Looking at tubular structures

More Physical Principles

- Magnification
- Radiation dose
- Bystander protection

Diagnostic Process


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