ACRRM is committed to the highest standards of service to our members and stakeholders. Your views are important to us and your advice regarding any negative experience you may have had in engaging with our staff and services is welcomed. The College regrets any inconvenience caused on our part and will seek to rectify the problem and explore any opportunity for program improvement to discourage it from happening in the future.

The ACRRM Complaints Policy outlines the principles and processes for receiving and responding to complaints.

You can register your complaint by filling in the form below and this will be viewed as a formal complaint.

Your complaints may relate to a range of issues including:

  • A service or product provided by the College
  • Conduct of a College employee, contractor or member
  • Decisions made by the College
  • College public statements, policies or processes

You may make an anonymous complaint through the use of a pseudonym or an anonymised email address. Please note however that without your contact details, it may not be possible to act on the complaint, inform you of the complaint’s outcome, nor obtain further information to resolve the complaint.

Should you wish to have a formal decision of the College overturned you may wish to make an application through the College Review, Reconsideration and Appeals Policy.

The College is committed to promoting respectful workplaces for our members and employees and to ensuring our registrars and members have access to well-being support.

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