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Date: 20/10/2021
Hosted by the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine (ACRRM) and the Rural Doctors Association of Australia (RDAA), the Rural Medicine Australia (RMA) conference attracts a diverse and collaborative community of junior doctors, students, educators,
Date: 21/10/2021 Location: WA
The newly updated Cutting Edge: Advanced Procedures workshop is designed to provide participants with a highly relevant cadaveric dissection focused program. New procedures include ectopic pregnancy, open appendicectomy and open bowel repair. An expansion of
8 Performance review hours
2 Educational activity hours
6 MOPS (Surgery) hours
Procedural Grants - Surgery
Date: 22/10/2021 Location: SA
The RESP Obstetrics workshop focuses on essential skills in critical care and extended emergency medicine skills. The workshop will review the presentation and management of obstetric and neonatal emergencies and provide opportunities for enhancing skills in
9 Educational activity hours
7 Performance review hours
7 MOPS (Obstetrics and Gynaecology) hours
Procedural Grants - Obstetrics
Date: 22/10/2021 Location: QLD
Most clinicians ‘pick up’ ultrasound guidance techniques on the job – few are formally taught. Many ‘ultrasound guided procedures’ would be better termed ‘misguided’, as the clinician stabs blindly in a direction similar to that of the
8 Educational activity hours
1 Performance review hour
Procedural Grants - Anaesthetics, Emergency Medicine, Obstetrics, Surgery
Date: 24/10/2021 Location: QLD
The Rural Generalist Trainee Workshop (RGTW) is delivered to post graduate year one and post graduate year 2 Rural Generalist trainees from across Queensland. It is one of the elements requiring completion prior to attainment of Rural Generalist Medicine
16 Performance review hours
16 MOPS (Emergency Medicine) hours
Procedural Grants - Anaesthetics, Emergency Medicine
Date: 26/10/2021 Location: -1
ECHO®is a virtual peer-group learning model for primary health care providers, including general practitioners, nurses, allied health professionals and community health workers.The ECHO model uses a combination of didactic education and case-based discussion
1 Performance review hour
Date: 21/10/2021 Location: QLD
The content and objectives of this “One Day Ultrasound in Trauma (E-FAST)” course was structured to accommodate training requirements for ultrasound techniques in emergency medicine. This course assumes somewhat knowledge on ultrasound principles and
9 Educational activity hours
Procedural Grants - Anaesthetics, Emergency Medicine, Obstetrics, Surgery
Date: 25/10/2021 Location: SA
Migraine causes notable lost time from everyday activities. Addressing lifestyle triggers and comorbidities in patients with migraines is the first step of management. The management of the headache component and should be started as early as possible in the
2 Educational activity hours
Date: 22/10/2021 Location: VIC
Gippsland Regional Palliative Care Consortium (GRPCC) and Gippsland PHN are partnering to provide training to general practitioners and practice nurses on evidence based therapeutic communications skills in the context of palliative care and Voluntary
3 Educational activity hours
Date: 23/10/2021
The Melbourne Children’s GP Paediatric Update (GPPU) aims to provide paediatric education for GPs on a range of issues at the forefront of paediatric health and wellbeing. It is specifically designed for GPs and trainees with a shared interest in providing
4 Educational activity hours