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The Australian College of Rural Medicine has developed this course to provide ACRRM members with an overview of Aeromedical Retrieval in Australia. This course is relevant to all Rural Practitioners who may need to use aeromedical retrieval services to…
6 Educational activity hours
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Are you a member of ACRRM, a registrar planning to sit the AST-EM StAMPS, medical student or junior doctor on a rural pathway thinking of doing your AST in emergency medicine, a rural FACRRM with a significant caseload of emergency medicine, or an urban based …
FACRRM recommended
Dental education is an often neglected area in medical curricula with few physicians having received any education on this subject (Abu-Dawoud, Al-Enezi et al. 2007; Lin, Levin et al. 2006). This leaves the impression that the mouth is a no-go zone for most…
3 Educational activity hours
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