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Advanced Life Support Level 2 (ALS2) - Canberra, 19 Oct 2022 (RMA)
Novotel Canberra
$1545.00 for Non-Member
$1395.00 for Member
8 Educational activity
7 Performance review
6 MOPS (Emergency Medicine) hours
 MOPS (Anaesthetics (Emergency Response))
Tier 2 Emergency Medicine Course
Emergency Medicine
Emergency (EM)
Provide expert medical care in all rural contexts 
Provide safe medical care while working in geographic and professional isolation
Respond to medical emergencies

Advanced Life Support Level 2 (ALS2) - Canberra, 19 Oct 2022 (RMA)

ACRRM has recently reviewed and improved the ACRRM Advanced Life Support (ALS) course to both improve the learning experience of participants and to better meet the needs of our members.


Our new course, designed by Rural Generalists, features online modules designed to refresh and enhance clinical knowledge, review recent updates to ARC guidelines, and support you in developing or improving your skills in leading a team to provide Advanced Life Support in the rural context. 


The ACRRM ALS course features the following mandatory components:

·         Self-directed online learning which you must successfully complete prior to attending the face to face workshop and completing your Guided Competency Validation

·         A one-day face to face workshop provides the opportunity to practice ALS skills through various clinical simulations guided by experienced Rural Generalists Instructors

·         A guided competency validation of your skills completed during the face to face workshop, providing the opportunity to demonstrate ALS skills with the support and assistance of your colleagues, as you would in the clinical environment. You will get multiple opportunities to practice and demonstrate these skills throughout the day in a supportive and friendly environment. 

·         A post-course evaluation


Online learning hours:
Contact hours:
Total hours:
Learning objective

The ACRRM ALS Course meets the standards for Advanced Life Support level 2 as defined by the Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC) guidelines, and the ACRRM Advanced Life Support CPD requirements to complete and ALS course each triennium. The course is also eligible for

Online Self-Directed Learning:

  • 8 hours educational activity

Face to Face Workshop:

  • Covers ALS
  •   7 hours performance review
  • 6 hours emergency medicine MOPs
  • 1 Emergency response anaesthetics MOPs activity

Total hours = 15


Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

·          Prioritise the chain of survival and the core actions that have evidence of increasing survival 

·          Recognise and manage the deteriorating patient to prevent cardiac arrest

·          Recognise Respiratory and Cardiac arrest and apply the Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC) algorithms for Advanced Life Support (ALS) as part of a multidisciplinary team

·          Manage reversible causes of cardiac arrest

·          Deliver quality post-resus care 

·          Modify your management in special circumstances such as pregnancy or trauma cases

·          Demonstrate clear decision-making skills, efficient teamwork and effective communication.

·          Deliver Advanced Life Support in the rural and remote context, where equipment, personnel and services may be limited.

Additional info

It is mandatory that participants complete the self-directed online learning program (inclusive of MCQs) prior to attending the full day face to face workshop and competency validation.

Is it also mandatory that participants be present for the entire duration of the face to face workshop (8:00am to 4pm local time).


If for any reason a participant arrives after the course has commenced or departs before the end of the course, they will be ineligible to compete the course or be allocated the CPD/MOPS points. The participant will be required to re-book which will incur additional charges.

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Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine (ACRRM)
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