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Introduction To Telehealth
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Introduction To Telehealth

This module was developed by ACRRM in 2012 in consultation with members of the ACRRM Telehealth Advisory Committee (ATHAC) and the ACRRM Clinicians Working Group. This module has been developed in parallel with the ATHAC Telehealth Standards Framework and the ACRRM Telehealth Guidelines, which have been referenced to the major international and Australian standards/guidelines for telehealth.

The content of the module draws on:

  • academic literature
  • government advice and policy
  • medical indemnity provider advice
  • advice from rural and remote clinicians with telehealth experience
  • advice and resources developed by ACRRM health staff

This module is primarily aimed at clinicians and practice managers who organize, participate or facilitate the patient end of the telehealth consultation. While the case studies feature rural and remote general practice, rural aged care, and the operational arrangements which relate to the Australian GovernmentÂ’s MBS telehealth initiative, the module is relevant to all general practitioners, practice managers, and other clinical staff involved in organizing or providing telehealth services.

ACRRM also provides non- health service staff (telehealth support officers) who are members of organisations participating in the ACRRM Telehealth Advisory Committee (ATHAC) with access to this module. Enrolment in this module will be free to these participants until May 2013.

Please be aware that the content of this module is copyright and must not be re-used without permission from ACRRM.

This project has been funded by the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing up to May 2013.

Introduction to the module

Introduction to telehealth

Clinical conditions


Clinical practice in telehealth


Provider relationships

Conducting a video consultation

Ethical and legal issues in telehealth

Evaluating telehealth

Technical aspects of telehealth

Connectivity / bandwidth


Network issues

Risk management


Contextual aspects of telehealth

  • Physical environment
  • Business environment
  • Logistical environment


  • Assessment 1
  • Assessment 2
Module evaluation survey
  • Assessment 3 (optional)
  • Assessment 4 (optional)



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