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ACRRM RG Foundation Skills: Digital Health
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Digital health (DIG)
Communicator (COM)
Provide expert medical care in all rural contexts 
Provide safe medical care while working in geographic and professional isolation

ACRRM RG Foundation Skills: Digital Health

This course is one of five courses in the ACRRM Rural Generalist Foundation Skills series:

  1. Rural and remote context
  2. Self-care and wellbeing
  3. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health
  4. Population health
  5. Digital health

In this course we will consider digital health separately as telehealth and eHealth, where telehealth relates to video consultations and eHealth relates to everything else. We will review the various platforms available - current and emerging - and consider the various aspects of quality care versus patient safety that each platform offers. Particular attention will be paid to the use of these modalities in the rural and remote context.

The materials in this course were developed in partnership with Queensland Country Practice (QCP), Darling Downs Hospital and Health Service.

QCP has agreed to its wider release to contribute to the broad training curriculum delivered through ACRRM and the potential benefit to rural doctors in training in other areas.


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Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine (ACRRM)
Level 1, 324 Queen Street
QLD, 4000