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Diagnosis And Management Of Haemochromatosis
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Diagnosis And Management Of Haemochromatosis

A Rural and Remote Medical Practitioner who can confidently diagnose and manage haemochromatosis in their community has the opportunity to minimise morbidity and mortality not only for that particular patient, but for the relatives of that patient as well.

Haemochromatosis is a heterogeneous, multi-organ condition of iron overload with variable symptoms and signs that can present a clinical challenge to the Medical Practitioner as it can masquerade as many other conditions.

However, if diagnosed early and managed with venesections at appropriate intervals and referrals to specialists in certain circumstances, then lives can be saved. The challenge is both to improve under-diagnosis of haemochromatosis and to avoid misdiagnosing conditions causing elevated serum ferritin which do not actually reflect an underlying iron overload disorder.

This course aims to provide resources, education and skills to optimise confidence in diagnosing and managing patients with haemochromatosis in the rural and remote setting, to ultimately reduce iron-overload related chronic disease for patients with haemochromatosis.


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