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Date: 04/07/2022 Location: QLD
This intensive five-day program provides practitioners at the beginning of the learning curve in cardiac imaging with anatomy, physiology, haemodynamics anddetailed knowledge of sonographic planes, terminology, measurements and probe manipulation skills.
32 Educational activity hours
3 Performance review hours
Procedural Grants - Anaesthetics, Emergency Medicine, Obstetrics, Surgery
Date: 08/07/2022 Location: SA
The RESP Paediatrics course provides essential skills in critical care and extended emergency medicine skills. The workshop will address key areas of Primary Survey, Basic and Advanced Airway Management, Basic and Advanced Life Support, Vascular access, Major
12 Performance review hours
6 Educational activity hours
MOPS (Anaesthetics (Emergency Response))
12 MOPS (Emergency Medicine) hours
Procedural Grants - Anaesthetics, Emergency Medicine
Date: 06/07/2022
Pelvic pain is a common problem and carries significant economic, societal, and personal impacts. The taboo surrounding pelvic health makes pelvic pain a complex condition to identify, assess, and manage. In this webinar, you will learn about some of the more
0.5 Educational activity hour
0.5 Performance review hour
Date: 09/07/2022 Location: QLD
This educational session is designed to enhance participants' knowledge of long acting reversible contraceptives and their important role in current contraceptive choice. It will cover in detail the important counselling points prior to insertion of
2 Educational activity hours
1 Performance review hour
Date: 04/07/2022 Location: QLD
This three hour workshop facilitated by Townsville EMET hub -Emergency Physicians will cover assessment and management of patients presenting with acute behavioural emergencies to the rural and remote emergency department.
3 Performance review hours
3 MOPS (Emergency Medicine) hours
Date: 06/07/2022 Location: -1
This clinical audit is open to Rural Generalistsand provisional SMOs/registrars/PHOs who independently practice anaesthesia in the Southern Queensland Region. The aim is to create a friendly forum of Rural Generalists to reflect and discuss real clinical
1.5 Outcome measurement hours
Date: 06/07/2022
Tourette syndrome is often stigmatised and misunderstood. In this webinar, panellists will appraise screening, identification, assessment and diagnosis of tics and Tourette syndrome, as well as consider comorbitdities and stigma. Panellists will also evaluate
1.5 Educational activity hours
Date: 13/07/2022 Location: -1
ECHO® is a virtual peer-group learning model for primary health care providers, including general practitioners, nurses, allied health professionals and community health workers.The ECHO model uses a combination of didactic education and case-based
1 Performance review hour
Date: 09/07/2022 Location: WA
Participants will have the opportunity to improve their cardiac point-of-care ultrasound skills and have hands-on practice on a variety of patients. Experienced cardiac sonographers will provide specialist demonstration and guidance of this complex skill.
9 Performance review hours
4 Educational activity hours
15 MOPS (Radiology) hours
Procedural Grants - Anaesthetics, Emergency Medicine, Obstetrics, Surgery
Date: 05/07/2022
This webinar is the fourth in a four-part series on ESUS and the importance of patent foramen ovale in ESUS aetiology and management. This activity will use an interactive panel conversation to explore the following via a case study: · How does ESUS shift
1 Educational activity hour