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There are real opportunities to achieve higher standards of healthcare in rural and remote Australia through the increased and integrated use of digital health solutions. Digital health can improve equitable access to health services and support patients in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and management of their health and wellbeing.

Source: eHealth website Last updated: 04/05/2021
ACRRM Telehealth Provider Directory. Use the selection options on the left to refine the list to suit your needs. ... TeleHealth role. Location of service. State. ACRRM Tele-Derm: a diagnosis from a dermatologist in 48 hours.
Source: eHealth website Last updated: 04/05/2021
Modules. In 2012 ACRRM developed a number of Telehealth educational modules in partnership with other colleges and organisations. ... These included RACP, RACS and NACHHO. To access the ACRRM 'Introduction to telehealth' module select the logo below.
Source: eHealth website Last updated: 04/05/2021
ACRRM Telehealth Guidelines. The purpose of the ATHAC Telehealth Standards Framework is to provide health and medical colleges, clinicians and health care organisations with a common approach to the development of ... craft specific guidelines to assist members in
Source: eHealth website Last updated: 04/05/2021
Australia” are not altered by the use of Telehealth technologies to deliver health care, conduct research, or provide education. ... Health care professionals and practices do not need additional licensing/ accreditation to provide services via Telehealth
Date: 14/05/2021 Location: NSW
The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the demand for telehealth models of care. This session will present different ways in which you can add telehealth to your service offerings, and how to use these new models of care to maintain continuity of care. It will
1 Educational activity hour
Date: 10/06/2020
COVID-19 has paved the way for the provision of remote healthcare to become the new normal exposing members to unprecedented clinico-legal risks. If the news reports are anything to go by it might even be implemented as part of regular practice after the
1 Educational activity hour
Source: eHealth website Last updated: 04/05/2021
ACRRM's TeleHealth Provider Directory is the only freely available, non-commercial database of organisations and individuals who provide telehealth services,” Dr Ayton explains. ... He said it is important that telehealth use becomes widespread and common as it
Source: eHealth website Last updated: 04/05/2021
Telehealth Education. ACRRM has developed an Online Telehealth Module which can be accessed via this site. ... Formulate an implementation plan for the introduction or expansion of telehealth services in their practice;.
Source: eHealth website Last updated: 04/05/2021
TeleHealth Online Education Module - Enrol Now. Posted 8 years ago by nivd2011. ... ACRRM's 'Introduction to Telehealth' education module. or register to post comments.
Source: eHealth website Last updated: 04/05/2021
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