Extending information for rural health professionals

The Breast cancer online modules are educational activities that are part of the Supporting women in rural areas diagnosed with breast cancer program, funded by the Australian Government and delivered by Cancer Australia.

Cancer Australia is collaborating with the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine (ACRRM) to provide new educational opportunities for general practitioners, nurses and other health professionals working in rural areas to access information about the latest advances in evidence-based breast cancer treatment and care.

Using online technology, health professionals will be able to access and participate in breast cancer education without travelling.

Each online module has been accredited with ACRRM for 1 Core PDP Point.

Online education courses include:

How not to miss a breast cancer - the triple test in practice

This course, presented by Dr Julie Thompson, provides a systematic approach to investigating a women with a new breast symptom including the role of the GP and the importance of the triple test.

Breast cancer - Treatment Options

This course focuses on the available treatment options following diagnosis and is divided into two parts. Module 1 concentrates on the referral process, treatment team and surgical treatment options. Module 2 covers chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormonal and targeted therapies.

Breast cancer treatment - managing the impact

This course, presented by Associate Professor Jane Turner, addresses the provision of psychosocial care after a diagnosis of breast cancer including the impact of the diagnosis and treatment on a woman and her family.

Breast cancer in the family - what does it mean?

This course, presented by Professor Judy Kirk, addresses the importance of assessing a family history of breast cancer in your patients, and identifies risk-reducing strategies for women who are found to be at increased risk.

Follow-up and Survivorship Care for Early Breast Cancer

This course focuses on best practice follow-up and survivorship care for women who have completed active treatment for breast cancer. The focus includes the follow-up schedule, the shared follow-up care model, management of treatment related side effects and providing psychosocial care.

The younger woman with early breast cancer

This course focuses on the unique issues that require consideration when caring for a younger woman diagnosed with early breast cancer. Concerns include premature menopause, fertility and sexuality issues, and role functions that may be impacted - such as partnering, caring for young children, education and employment issues.

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