Extending information for rural health professionals


ACRRM, a member-based organisation, is the only college in the world dedicated to training, qualifying, and supporting general practitioners in rural and remote medicine.

The college engages and supports members through every stage of their career. From keen student, to multi-skilled senior practitioner, to active retiree, the College’s membership categories and services are designed to meet your professional needs.

The College's teaching and learning platform, RRMEO, gives members 24-hour access to many of the College's services from any internet connection. RRMEO is extremely versatile and easy to use. In addition to education, training, tele-medicine, and clinical guidelines, RRMEO provides members with permanent, secure, off-site storage of their training history and a range of forums to interact with peers, mentors, and supervisors.

For more information about ACRRM visit www.acrrm.org.au or call 1800 223 226